The Official Website Of Dutch Artist Tim Roelofs

Artist in Berlin – cul●tour Magazine

Tim Roeloffs is a very prominent artist. His works are outstanding and in his remarkable studio stayed at the very popular warehouse Tacheles, he tells about his life as an artist in Berlin.

“I moved to Berlin in the year 2000. I don’t think Berlin is a pretty city. It’s not beautiful or nice. Berlin is an ugly city. It’s been build and destroyed for decades now and it has it’s whole own history. I have a nice quote in German, roughly translated it says: ‘Berlin, Berlin, there’s never A Berlin, it always has to become a Berlin.’ I thinks this quote says it all. Berlin is so dynamic, changes every minute. It’s difficult to capture it. Though I think Berlin is ugly, I love it. The latest history is still around us, it’s every where, in every building, every park, street or person living next to you. But Berlin makes you think and I can put my creativity in the ideas I get from this city.”

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